Boston Marathon & the DR

Hello friends!

A lot of wonderful things have been happening since I last updated my blog at the beginning of Camp Koru (camp for young-adult cancer survivors) in early November. I was originally going to discuss my time at Camp Koru in this blog post but it turns out I have so much to say that I want it to have its own dedicated post, so that will be released at a later date. Why not spread out the good vibes, amiright?

2018 Boston Marathon?!

About 6 weeks ago I applied to run the Boston Marathon for IMPACT Melanoma (more about them later). It was very late in the application process and I was rushing to get it in as they accept runners on a rolling admission and only have a 25ish spots for “hundreds of applicants.” Much to my excitement I had a phone call interview a few days later, which went well and was told I would hear back by the end of the week. Long story short, I didn’t hear back until January 2nd – about a month later than I was initially expecting, (due to delays in receiving numbers from the BAA). While I was “running” during this month of purgatory, I wasn’t training by any means, and had pretty much given up hope that I would be accepted. It literally felt like I was waiting for some [insert dating app] bro to text me back, after we had an awesome first date and totally seemed to be on the same page, and then boom – he ghosted for a month and I went through the 5 stages of grief. But alas! Turns out he was in a coma that whole time but now he’s awake and WE’RE IN LOVE.

Sorry, got a little carried away with that analogy. Anyway, I am SO EXCITED to announce that I am running the 2018 Boston Marathon (also my first marathon ever)  with Team Running for Cover to raise money in support of IMPACT Melanoma – a national non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the incidence of melanoma through education, prevention and support!

I cannot tell you how emotional this is for me (but actually I can and I’m about to). It has been a dream of mine to run the Boston Marathon ever since I was a little girl. Every Marathon Monday in the past I would tear up and yell my self hoarse for strangers. Now I get to not only run the Boston Marathon myself (a top 5 personal bucket list item alone), but I also get to raise money for a cause that is obviously near and dear to my heart. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve already gotten a little emotional on my training runs thus far.

Please help me reach my goal of $10,000 by donating to my personal fundraising page (click on the image)!

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 2.39.49 PM


Fundraising Update: I am overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone who has donated thus far. In just 3 days, I am already 68% of the way toward my goal. I initially thought the fundraising was going to be the hard part, but it turns out I am supported by some of the most benevolent friends and family (and even strangers!) in the world. I cannot thank you enough, your support means the world to me. Keep up the good work, everybody!

Now for the real hard part – the running. While I’ve been running to train for frisbee, stay and shape, and for my general mental health since my teens – I have only run 2 official “races”. A jingle bell 5k in Somerville and a the 5.2 mile Brew Run in Brewster, MA – both causal races that encourage drinking beer at the end. I actually once trained for a half marathon (Hyannis Half) during the 2014-2015 winter from hell where Boston had weekly snow storms dumping record-breaking amounts of snow on my poor city. The race got canceled during a 10 mile training run I was on a week before the race. I was pissed. If you are in the northeast, then you are probably thinking what I am thinking – which is that I am cursed. So far this winter has sported WEEKS of single digit/subzero temps and a bunch of snow and ice. Yes I have still been running outside, and yes mom I was wearing like 4 jackets, and yes Dad, that was way too many layers, and no I probably won’t join a gym because they are terribly expensive and make it nearly impossible to cancel your membership (not to mention I consider running long distance on a treadmill cruel and unusual punishment). It hasn’t been easy but I have never been more motivated to run in my life… and nothing compares to a melanoma diagnosis so make like land Dory and just keep running… just keep running…


I also just remembered I completed triathlon when I was a sophomore at Earlham College. That has to count for something right?

Medical Service Trip – La Romana, Dominican Republic

Remember when I posted on facebook several months ago asking you guys for donations for a medical service trip I was going on? Welp – it’s time! I am traveling to La Romana in the Dominican Republic as we speak (on dah plane) with a group of NP students and professors from MGH IHP to provide medical services and health care to impoverished sugar cane workers and their families. We raised money to purchase much-needed medical supplies and medications, since they literally have no access to these very necessary items. We were supposed to have been there for a few days now but our original flight got canceled but we were able to re-book and here we are. I will have very limited access to the internet while I’m there, but a super awesome lady in our group by the name of Courtney Owens has volunteered to bring her laptop and  be the head blogger for our trip! So if you are interested in following along, hearing more about our scholarly projects,  and reading more about the travel fiasco on friday – feel free hit up our blog – Nurses in La Romana.

For now, just wish me luck at getting through customs with 1,000 condoms and a bunch of Styrofoam bananas in my checked bag (I am teaching about HIV prevention).


The “models”


Because this post lacked color, here are a selection of photos from the last few months – including vacation to San Diego to visit Shira & Tom and surf/visit with Lege’s cousins, a quick pit-stop in vegas, Christmas with the Freedman/Trittipo Clan, and some random stuff mixed in.


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