Boston Marathon – the day before

You guys! Marathon Monday is TOMORROW! I can’t believe how fast it creeped up on me. Actually that’s a lie, It feels like time has been moving in slow motion for the past 2 weeks. I keep having dreams that I’m running it and waking up exhausted and anxious.

I have so many blog post drafts in the cue and want to write all about my training and my experiences the last 4 months but somehow it’s already 5:30pm on sunday and I will just share with you guys a few tid bits and how to track me.

Track me on Marathon monday

There are 2 ways to do this. Not sure how accurate they are and have been told that they can be pretty delayed in the past. I am in wave 4 and will be starting at 11:15AM.

  1. Live tracking with the B.A.A. Boston Marathon App (free)
    A) Search “Boston Marathon” in the app store of your iphone/android device
    The app looks like this.
    Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 5.32.00 PM.png
    B) Download it (for free). Select boston marathon april 16, 2018. Select “watching”
    C) Select live tracking and you can search for me by name (Elana Schwam) or my bib # 28965
  2. Text updates via AT&T Athlete Alerts. This will send you alerts of my progress starting at 10k, then again at 21k, 30k, 35k, 40k, and finish line (42k).
    A) text “RUNNER” to the number 234567
    B) you should get an automatic reply prompting you to text back my bib number – 28965
    C) you should get confirmation that you will get text updates about me. If you didn’t, try again.

Thank you Mother Nature, you sassy lady, you.

Overall, the weather is less than ideal…

IMG_0348.jpegI was originally hoping to finish in about 4 hours (9min miles)  but with the 20-30 mph headwind, freezing “feels like” temps, and constant rain, I know it’s going to take me much longer. I hope to finish before 4pm, but ya never know. At this point my main focus is to SCHWAM THE SHIT OUT OF THIS MARATHON, because it can’t be worse than cancer and also to just embrace and enjoy the spirit of marathon monday in Boston. This is an incredible dream for me and I don’t care what mother nature throws at me, I’m running this race for me, for you, for all the melanoma warriors and survivors, and all the other cancer warriors and survivors as well as those who are not with us today.

Thank You

Thanks to all you wonderful humans I have surpassed my initial fundraising goal of 10k and have raised almost 13k for Impact Melanoma. You guys probably have a little bit of an idea how much this means to me but then multiply that by 1000 and you’ll get a better idea. I am overwhelmed, emotional, overjoyed, ecstatic about the outpouring of love and support. Every time I’ve gonna on a run the past 2 weeks I have teared up thinking about what this all means to me. This morning at the Impact Melanoma Brunch I won the “Melanoma Warrior” award which I was NOT expecting and brought both Lege and I to tears. On top of that I received a standing ovation when I went up to accept the award and nearly lost all my marbles and was sweating profusely while also holding in my pee for the last 30 minutes. When I got back to my seat I realized my fly had been down for the entire time.

I dedicate this marathon to…

Originally I was going to write names on my body, but again the pouring rain will have me covered up and or wash it off. Then I thought about posting it here, but I want to protect people’s privacy so know that I will dedicate each mile to specific people and I’m running the marathon for everyone who has experienced a cancer diagnosis, including the family of those who have been touched by cancer.

I love you all. Now I’m gonna go destroy some pasta and then PTFO.

Here are some pictures of my training and other marathon related events the last 4 months



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